Magijutsu is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) provider with operating procedures based on a foundation of dignified ethics. The name Magijutsu started as a playful pseudonym but upon research into the Japanese to English translation of the words 'Ma' and 'Gijutsu,' we found that it has a deeper meaning that resonates with our mission to provide you with the best in hosting services. For us, the word Magijutsu has come to mean, "the fundamental time and space that life needs to grow through art, craft, technique, technology, engineering, or skill." We would love to encourage everyone to take ownership of their digital presence by building your own platform where you have more control.

Our goal is to promote accessibility and earn customer loyalty through sincere and honest business practices that you can be proud of. One way we aim to accomplish this is by respecting your right to privacy by not selling off your personal data. We aspire to expand our platform by developing tools and resources to do our part in building a fair and free internet. We hope that you can appreciate our efforts and support us in establishing new and improved standards for how businesses in the industry of technology should operate.